All of our programs will be broken down into Phases / Age Specific Groups. These phases are guidelines set out by Hockey Canada’s Long Term Player Development Model.


Intro to Hockey: (Ages 3 – 5) Your player will be introduced to the game of hockey through our Intro to Hockey Program. Players can learn the basics, such as how to stop, control the puck, and pass the puck, as well as how to use the edges of their skates.


Development: (Ages 6 – 8) Our Development Program gives your player a platform to practice and improve their fundamental skills. Players should expect to concentrate on specific topics when learning basic hockey skills in order to gain a better understanding and framework for future growth.


Advanced: (Ages 9 – 10) Our Advanced Program builds on basic hockey strategies and teaches your player how to make changes to improve their individual game. The emphasis in these sessions is on skill development in game-like situations.


Performance: (Ages 11-12) Our Performance Program focuses on honing advanced hockey skills by reinforcing appropriate functional movement patterns in each skill. Players would be able to read, respond, and execute in game-like situations more effectively if skill acquisition and functional intelligence are developed in tandem.


Elite: (Ages 13 – 14) Our Elite Program is tailored to help you advance and match the skills you’ll need to execute position-specific demands in game situations. In and out of competitive seasons, programming focuses on individualized strategies and needs of players.


High Performance / HP: ( Ages 15 – 18) Our High Performance Program aims to improve the physical and mental aspects of each individual player based on position, level, and hockey-specific demands on and off the ice.


Junior / College / Pro: (Ages 18+) This program provides players with a one-of-a-kind professional experience that is strategically built to help them advance their careers.

Through technical and corrective activities, game-related drills, and small area games, these player development services are best used to develop/refine athletes' technical skills, individual strategies, or team tactics. One or more of the following thematic skill growth areas may be discussed through our Athlete Development services:

Position Specific

Developing/refining detailed skills related to a specific position. These sessions are suggested for older athletes (U11 and up) who have a solid foundation of skills to build on.


Certified Coaches assisting in fundamental, technical and advanced detailed Stride work, Edgework, Balance, Agility (Acceleration, Escapes, Turns, Transitions, Stops, Starts), etc.


Range of Motion, Puck-protection, Deekes, Fakes, etc.


Proper technique, Back-foot shooting, Front-foot shooting, Shooting in Stride, Deceptive shooting, Wrist shot, Snap shot, Slap shot,One-timers, etc.


Proper technique, Forehand passes, Backhand passes, Saucer passes, Passing lanes, Pass reception, Pass reception in motion, etc.


Using a revolutionary approach to power skating and skill growth, to improve fundamental mechanics, step performance, and separate edge dynamics. In today's game, Performance Edge Hockey Development integrates professional breakdowns, superior coaching, and thorough guidance with preparation that generates value and superiority. Everything we do on the ice translates to what you execute on the ice. Coach Justin, Southern Alberta’s only certified Hockey Canada Skills Coach and Power Skating Specialist has an exceptional team of instructors who have come from Jr. A, collegiate, or professional backgrounds and work hard to help share their experience with all players at the clinics.

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